Best adidas Running Shoes for Men 2019

Best adidas Running Shoes for Men

If there were an adidas running shoes for men awards the Ultra Boost would win the best category. It’s not even close!

Yes, adidas has created A LOT of running shoes, but since the birth of the fan favorite Ultra Boost, it seems like other adidas models don’t get much attention.

Why is the Ultra Boost such a popular adidas running shoe for men?

adidas debuted the Ultra Boost 1.0 in 2015 (I wrote a quick story about my experience), and since then the shoe has been on fire!

As a matter of fact, several big publications crowned the Ultra Boost “Shoe of the Year” in 2015. It’s 2019 and the shoe is still just as popular.

No matter where you live, chances are high that during your runs you see a lot of men and women wearing Ultra Boost sneakers.

In the words of adidas per 2015, the Ultra Boost is “the greatest running shoe ever made.” To date, many people will agree with adidas.

Personally, I love wearing the Ultra Boost 1.0 for comfort, but the shoe lacks stability which is very important to me when it comes to running.

However, adidas has made new updates to the latest Ultra Boost model, and this model performs 10x better than the original 1.0 version. I enjoy running in the new version!

The latest iteration of the Ultra Boost line made its debut early 2019. The upgraded version is simply called Ultra Boost 19.

What does the Ultra Boost 19 have to offer? How is it different?

The shoe features Primeknit 360 – a knit fabric that hugs the foot for extra support. The fit is sock-like. adidas also added a 3D Heel Frame that cradles the foot for stability and extra support.

In addition to the other upgrades, adidas installed a new Torsion Spring to effortlessly propel you forward. According to adidas, “The result of this high-tech configuration is a shoe that blasts back more energy and moves with you, so every stride is full of power and no energy is wasted in the transition.”

Last but certainly not least, 20% MORE BOOST was added to the UB 19! In layman’s terms: adidas made every step even more comfortable.

adidas doesn’t take any shortcuts when it comes to the Ultra Boost. For the UB 19, adidas worked with thousands of runners around the world to revamp the running shoe.

The result is a better, lighter, and more responsive Ultra Boost!

So if you’re searching for the best and most popular adidas running shoes for men (and women), the Ultra Boost 19 is currently sitting on the iron throne.

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