Is the Nike Roshe Run A Running Shoe?


Is the Nike Roshe Run a running shoe?

is the nike roshe run a running shoe

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The answer is no! The Roshe Run, now known as the Roshe One and Roshe Two, is NOT a running shoe. The reason Nike changed the name is because the original name with “Run” made people think it was a running shoe.

Can you blame them? Nike is the biggest athletic footwear company in the world, so of course people assumed a shoe named Roshe Run was a running shoe.

If you’re considering running or already a runner, PLEASE do not run in Roshes. It’s a casual/lifestyle shoe, not a running shoe. Purchase a real running shoe, and refrain from running in Roshes to avoid foot or leg injuries.

Please spread the word! I can’t tell you how many people I see running in Roshes. Although it makes me cringe, I totally understand that some people just don’t know any better.

Visit your local running store and consult with an employee to find the right running shoe for you.

Is the Nike Roshe Run A Running Shoe?


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