5 Helpful Running Tips For Beginners

5 Helpful Running Tips for Beginners
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Are you new to running, but still imitated because of experienced runners? No need to stress because these running tips for beginners will boost your confidence. Remember it’s a process!

Running can be very nerve-racking, but consistency and the right information will put you on the correct path to a successful running journey.

Try not to overthink the process because it’s not complicated. However, when you overthink it and allow fear to conquer that’s when the frustration kicks in.

That’s why this article was published. For you! The beginner… but not for long.

Read the running tips for beginners below:

Stop Overthinking

Success starts with your mindset. The same applies for running. It’s a physical sport, but it’s VERY mental!

Get out of your head and stop overthinking the process. It’s just running! Everyone starts somewhere so don’t compare yourself to ANYONE, especially someone who’s been running for years.

So many people never take their first step because they are concerned about the wrong things. This is your journey, so stop worrying about other runner’s pace, look, gear, etc.

START running and STOP overthinking.

Find The Right Shoe

This is very, very important! Please make it a point to find the right shoe.

You might find the right shoe on the first try or it might take you some time. Trail and error is the best teacher. You never really know how much you like or dislike a shoe until you put miles in the shoe.

Visiting a running specialty store and speaking with a knowledgable salesman will help answer a lot of your questions. Your feet will be measured and you will learn more about your arch, etc.

Find the right shoe online or visit your local running store.

Stretch Before Running

I know this seems like common sense, but it’s not!

Stretching will help improve your flexibility and help you avoid pulling muscles. In addition to pre and post stretching, yoga has proven to be highly beneficial to runners.

Before and after your run, remember to Just Stretch It.

Lift Weights Often

You don’t have to lift like a body builder, but you do want to build muscles throughout your body, especially your legs.

Your legs, feet, back, and arms work the most during your runs. It’s very important to strengthen your legs and other body parts by lifting weights.

Just think about the pounding runners put on their bodies. That said, the stronger is the better for runners.

A strong body will help prevent injuries.

Trust The Process

Please be mindful of this tip. Trust the process and stay consistent. Every single runner had to start at the beginning.

As you continue to strengthen your body, run in the right shoe, stop overthinking and stretch your body – staying consistent is what will allow you to see improvement.

Flashback to a moment in your life when you were just getting started with something. Maybe it was a new job, parenting, diet, etc. Regardless of what it was, you got better by trusting the process!

That’s the exact same mentality you need for running!

Please apply these running tips for beginners to your mindset, and enjoy the ride!

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