Running Motivation: 10 Tips to Keep You Motivated

running motivation 10 tips to keep you motivated

Did you say running motivation? We all need to be motivated from time to time, especially runners. Running is both mental and physical, but many will argue it’s more mental than physical.

It doesn’t matter how fit you are, if you’re not mentally prepared you will find running supremely frustrating and you might eventually quit! This is why it’s so important for runners to stay motivated.

This particular article is NOT about running motivational quotes. The focus of this article is to highlight tried-and-true tips that will keep you motivated during your running journey!

So if you’re new to running or growing tired of running, don’t give up! Check out the tips, get motivated, and go knock out a few miles.

Read the running motivation tips below:

Set Goals

Some people hit the ground running (literally) and forget this simple step. Setting goals is a huge way for runners to stay motivated and on track.

Whether your focus is to improve your pace, distance or train for a race, when runners set goals motivation follows. Once you set goals you will tap into a new drive and mindset to conquer your goal list.

Improve Your Health

Who doesn’t want to be healthy? Exactly. We all want to be as healthy as possible. Running is a great way to improve your health both physically AND mentally!

If none of the other tips speak to you, this one alone is all the motivation you need to keep running.

Run With A Friend

Sometimes we tend to overthink things. Finding motivation to run is not a hidden mystery. It’s simple things like having a friend/partner with you to hold you accountable and push you.

Do yourself a big favor and don’t run with a lazy friend. That will totally defeat the purpose, and it won’t provide the motivation you need.

Keep things fun and interesting. Challenge one another with a little friendly competition. Most people work harder and are highly motivated when a competition is involved.

Train For A Race

This tip will surely keep you motivated. The great thing about training for a race is you have to push yourself, and continue going to the next level.

If you’re just getting started train for a 5K. If you have some experience under your belt train for a 10K. And if you are completely dedicated to running you should train for your first Half or full Marathon.

Just do it, and watch the motivation flow like never before.

Create The Perfect Music Playlist

Some runners enjoy running with no music and listening to nature or the city. However, a lot of runners prefer to zone out by listening to music.

Music can play a huge role in your performance while running. Most runners will agree that music matters. Having a good playlist will help you get in your zone and find a nice groove.

Creating a playlist is so easy thanks to technology. You can create your own playlist with popular streaming apps Apple Music, Spotify or Tidal. Each streaming platform offers several curated playlist if you don’t want to be bothered with curating the perfect playlist.

Lose Weight

There are TONS of ways to lose weight, and running is one of them. To be honest, I started running because I needed to lose weight FAST!

That was all the motivation I needed at the time. I was so disgusted with my weight, and I knew running would help me shed pounds. It worked! I lost the weight, and by then I fell in love with running.

Knowing that you are losing weight AND strengthening muscles will definitely provide you with lots of motivation.

*Note: This tip is for those looking to lose weight

Challenge Yourself

I’m guilty of staying in my comfort zone, and I’m not proud of that. So, it’s important for me (and you) to never get comfortable with being comfortable.

One of the best ways to challenge yourself is to try and best your previous pace. That will definitely get you motivated! If you challenge yourself this way you will be forced to push your pace EVERY SINGLE RUN!

Wow. I felt motivated typing that because it’s so true. It might be intimidating, but this tip really works.

Switch Your Route/Scenery

Traveling is so rewarding and relaxing because you get a chance to change your everyday surroundings. Often times people return home after traveling and feel motivated/inspired.

The same can be said about running. It’s going to get boring eventually if you run the same route every time you run. When your runs become boring you will either lack motivation or stop running regularly.

That’s why it’s important to change your scenery. Try a new trail, change your routine, run with a run club sometimes, or run on a different side of town.

You’ll notice a difference because running in a new place allows you to go on a brand new adventure. I’ve also realized that running by a large body of water is motivating and extremely relaxing.

Focus On Finishing

Everyone loves to complete a task. To feel accomplished is one of the best feelings in the world, and it’s no different when it comes to running.

All runs are not the same, and sometimes you’re not feeling it mentally or physically. However, quitting isn’t a good feeling, and it’s more rewarding when you finish a run that you know you wanted to quit.

Every run doesn’t have to be 3-5 miles. Some days you might only want to run 1 or 2 miles, and that’s totally okay. Just make sure you finish!

Reward Yourself

I saved this motivational tip for last. Don’t be afraid to reward yourself after a strong week or month of running. That goes for new and experienced runners.

The reward can be big or small depending on your personal goals. Some runners set a mile goal per week/month, and reward themselves with their favorite meal, dessert or drinks.

However, a big goal should come with a big reward, right? Use your imagination and have fun. You earned it!!

I hope you found the motivation you were looking for!

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